Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Sea of Orange is Growing in Prince George!

I'd like to think that this blog has been fairly devoid of political rhetoric and partisanship.  I have written a small handful of editorial type pieces where I have made my views known.  For the most part, this space is reserved for bragging about how great my kids are, or spouting off about the last movie, book or television show that I enjoyed.  I did at one point last year write a piece about my support of legalizing marijuana here.  Earlier this year, I blasted the B.C. Liberals for their handling of the Wood Innovation Centre contract and bid process, here.  But, aside from those posts, I have kept it reasonably neutral.  I imagine those on any side of the political spectrum have a fondness for bragging about the exploits of their children.  People of all stripes and colors play hockey, soccer, and enjoy running.  These are topics that have little to do with what political party you support.  I take some pride in being able to support a party but at the same time keep an open mind to other points of view.  I really don't believe I could blindly support every last action by one particular party.  I am my own man, and I do reserve the right to think freely.  That said, the provincial election here in British Columbia is but a month away, and I have been busy preparing. 

On Saturday I stopped in at the elections B.C. office and after applying last month online, I was asked to work on election day as a Information Officer.  I thought it would be a relaxing way to make a little extra money, and a welcome short detour from my usual employment.  I then carried on to the other side of the Fraser River and stopped in at the National Democratic Party (NDP) office.  Alright, enough with the suspense.  I inquired about volunteering, then proudly asked if I could get a sign.  "Which candidate are you supporting?"  I proudly responded:

"This guy

is voting for


This is me, warning all of my international readers that this space will likely contain more political content then normal as our Province heads towards election day.  No apology offered, it is what it is.  Hopefully I don't lose all of the spam hits from Russia, Germany and elsewhere over this decision to go "boring" as I have heard politics called on a number of occasions.  It interests me, and really, isn't what this blog is all about?  

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