Monday, 24 September 2012

I'm Busy?

Last night as Sheila and I lay down to sleep she bemoaned the fact that I have had nearly zero content on my blog recently.  Aside from a whiny post about missing out on the WSOP Circuit tournament, I haven't made a post since August.  After thinking about it, I began to realize why.  For the first time in a few years I am truly and completely busy.  Minding the kids and working usually keeps me from being bored, but it does seem that for the first time in my recent years I have a full plate on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, this means things such as blogging which can't be considered essential, find themselves on the cutting room floor.  Now, unlike my last post, this is not me complaining or whining.  I am actually quite proud that I managed to take on so many things, while remaining motivated about all of the things I need to do.  In response to Sheila asking about this space and it's lack of content, I promised to add it to this week's "shit to do" list.  I'd like to run down my busy, and fulfilling week that was to begin.

The third Sunday in September is one that holds significant importance in the Prosk family.  My dear pops deserves the credit, but this year's Terry Fox Run was likely the best one I have been a part of.  I was scheduled to work Sunday morning as I usually am, but this was not going to stop me from attending.  In fact, this allowed me to include my friends from work KK and GF.  We made our way downtown to walk, meeting up with Sheila, Jasmine, Asher and my dad and sister who had come up from Quesnel to join us.  As we started, I was already bursting with pride.  Jasmine is already very aware of how important Terry Fox is, and just how amazing his efforts were in increasing cancer awareness.  She and I had gone around our block the week before and she recieved a number of donations which she happily handed over to the organizers of the event before we got started.  Both of the men I support at work overcame considerable challenges and walked further then they are used to last Sunday morning.  My dad and Sheila both assisted us in achieving this, and I can't thank them enough for their help.  Both men made me so very proud, and later in the day and throughout this last week I have thought back to Sunday, on a few occasions getting quite emotional.  Sunday concluded with most of my family heading to my brother's girlfriend's grandparents house to celebrate my brother's 24th birthday.  It was an interesting gathering.  None of us had met Larissa's grandparents, but as it turns out the are extremely nice people and a good time was had by all.  We haven't had many chances to see Ian since he moved out, so it was nice to be able to celebrate his big day with him.  Larissa's sister has a little guy, so Asher and little Travis provided most of the entertainment as they goofed around to the delight of the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles that were present. 

Monday night I coached Jasmine's soccer team in their second to last game of the season.  Up against the top team (they probably haven't lost a game), we were looking to avenge one of the only losses we have had this season.  We started with one of our strongest players taking her first ever turn in net.  She made numerous saves, and we scored on our only shot making it to halftime tied at 1.  At halftime we switched and put our best keepah in the net, the smallest girl on the team who has gained confidence throughout the season and become very dependable in the net.  Playing a very aggressive style she storms out at the opponents, using the entire goal box, not allowing the opponents to get close enough to shoot.  She often throws herself at the ball, and at this level this gets the opponents to either slow down or back off completely allowing her to take the ball and move it the other way.  On this night, her style wasn't working that well.  The other team was skilled in passing around her and often they found themselves alone with an open net.  Luckily one of the girls has a knack for playing defense.  She swept the ball off the line at least 5 or 6 times, from the sideline I was chalking up a goal for the team on many of these occasions.  Our team has relied on working together throughout the season, and we often had a different star in each game.  On Monday, our best player took it upon herself to create a few chances, as the other team was so good that we really couldn't create much.  As our "striker" she stormed up the field, past a couple of defenders with deft moves and as the goalie was charging, she flicked a shot up and over top from about 20 yards out.  It dipped in under the bar for the second goal and a 2-1 lead.  The game ended in a 3-3 tie after a few more very close calls.  I was very excited about the way the girls played, all 9 of them were breathing heavily, looking exhausted at game end.  I like to come out on the field and give every player a high 5 as the game ends, making sure they know I appreciate the effort.  Shake hands and I had to run off the field to drive to my hockey game that started in 45 minutes. 

After a relatively quiet Tuesday, Wednesday was also pretty quiet as Jasmine came home from school with s stomach ache.  It ended up being quite minor and she was fine by the evening.  Wednesday was poker night, and boy was it ever.  I played really well, hit cards when needed, and managed to get a very good player to inflate a few pots against me when I was holding the goods.  As he was speaking about his need to get me back, he raised in early position and it came to me on the button.  I look down at aces and one thing led to another, an ace on the flop helped me relax and soon enough the dealer was pushing a 700 dollar pot my way.  I left around 10 with a 775 dollar profit for the night. 

Thursday Asher and I picked up Jasmine from school and we went swimming as we usually do once a week.  Ran a few errands on the way home, and as the week wound down, there was indeed some time to breathe.  In between being busy with soccer wrapping up (we finished up Saturday morning) and my hockey starting I found time to complete my assignments for the college course I am taking.  I completed all 4 of my weight lifting sessions, and took Asher for a jog.  Saturday I did a quick bike ride to wrap up my workouts for the week.

As I look at the week ahead, I will once again be quite busy.  Jasmine's soccer is over, and her basketball's doesn't start until November so I will be on a break from coaching.  I have hockey twice this week, tonight and then again on Wednesday.  I plan to get my 4 weightlifting session in, and hopefuly a bike ride or two as the weather permits.  Wednesday afternoon the kids and I will go to the pool, and hopefully this is the week that Asher and I make it to powerplay Wednesday morning, essentially open gym time for toddlers.  I think he will love it, so we need to check it out.  Poker will likely only happen once this week, Thursday as every other day either Sheila or I or both of us will be busy.  While I am not busy getting my heartrate going I will need to complete this week's assignments for college.  I also have a few things to take care of around the house, little things I have been meaning to tackle for a while now.  After a great week at the poker table this week, it makes sense to spend a few bucks on home improvements. 

As this gets long winded I will sign off, I need to get started on all the things I want to tackle this week.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Life Gets In The Way

Well, for the last couple of weeks I have been struggling with my ability to make smart choices with my life.  While nothing is ever perfect, it does seem that the responsible option isn't always the most fun.  Recently registration opened up for the WSOP Circuit event in Vancouver.  Now, Vancouver has hosted tournaments in the past, but never before has the WSOP been involved and never before have the tournaments actually been affordable for me.  Obviously the term "affordable" is relative.  On October 27th they are having a NL holdem tourney with a $365 buy in, and on the 28th the buy in is $580.  To anyone who doesn't play cards they would likely never consider spending that kind of money of a game of fun and chance.  To those that do play, including myself, the buy in is the investment you have to make in order to have the chance at a big score.  First prize in either of these tournaments isn't going to be life changing, but ~$30,000 or maybe ~$50,000 for the bigger event would be awfully nice.  I have a really solid live cash game playing style, but my tournament game is largely untested in a live game setting.  The other thing telling me to go play is that I can ultimately finance the whole trip with earnings from previous poker games.  If I was still young, dumb, single and only responsible for myself I would be there no questions asked.  At the same time, I'm not sure that I would be in the place I am at now in terms of occupation and poker game if not for my family.  I think that the presence of my family around me has provided me with motivation to play my best poker game more often, and to stick with an occupation long enough to reap the rewards of paid vacation time.    Ultimately, my decision has come down to timing, and realizing that the 8 hour drive is not something I want to do twice, if there are only a couple of days of poker playing in between.  We could work it out so that I could go down from say Friday until Monday or maybe even Tuesday, but in the end I feel like it isn't really worth it.  Rushing down and rushing back are not exciting propositions in my book.  While somewhat disappointed, I have to make the adult decision to take a pass this time.