Sunday, 7 April 2013

Jasmine is 10!

It's been a busy week at the Prosk/Theriault house.  Jasmine had been counting down to Friday all week because April 5th was the day she was to celebrate a full decade of being alive.  When I came home from work that night, Sheila and Jasmine were hard at work preparing the house for the sleepover party that was set for Saturday night.  The party theme was Hawaiian and the house had been transformed.  There were hula hoops ready for party games, there was a couple of pineapples set to be used as decorative appetizer holders (see photo below), and the cake was being put together.  Above, Jasmine and I decided to get goofy while we posed with the hula girl cake that Sheila created.

Unfortunately, or perhaps Jasmine was thinking otherwise, I was at work last night for the first half of the sleepover, and I am back at work this morning.  Jasmine and 4 friends have been having a blast from all accounts.  Jasmine's little brother Asher has also been partying, but he bowed out at 8 last night, long before any of the girls even thought about sleeping.  Jasmine's auntie Paulette also spent the day hanging out yesterday, though her enthusiasm for the loud music and excited screaming may not have been there.

Jasmine had a pretty good idea that she was going to get a concert ticket for her birthday, and she waited until her friends were with her to open the card from Sheila and I.  She found her ticket to the Mariannas Trench concert for next week, and Sheila told me she literally ran out of the house screaming to make sure all of the neighbours knew about her score.  I had given Sheila a ticket to the same concert for her birthday, and had kept teasing Jasmine about it leading up to her birthday.  She has never been to a concert (she doesn't count the Doodlebops anymore) so I am sure her and Sheila will have a blast next Sunday.  Jasmine also got a new bike helmet from her mom and dad, and her Grandma got her a couple of much needed new outfits.  Her friends loaded her up with toys that will get lots of use.

Sheila celebrated Jasmine's birthday by posting a few old photos of her as a baby and toddler.  I have been part of Jasmine's life for nearly 8 years now, but I missed out on her baby stage.  It's pretty hard to believe she was a baby only 8 years ago, when she is now over 5 feet tall.  Dear old Dad was tearing up when I saw these last night.

The last photo was likely taken right around the time I met Sheila and Jasmine.  That goofy grin has always brought me happiness, and she still uses it today. 

We kept busy this week, Wednesday being particularly action packed.  Asher had Strong Start in the morning, his mom joining him there for a bit as she worked later then usual.  Asher and I picked up Jasmine at 130 and went to the Swimming Pool as we usually do.  Fun was had, then we threw our bathing suits in the truck and walked a few blocks to the bowling alley.  As Asher walked into the building, he loudly exclaimed "Wow!!" which brought laughs from the only 2 people in the place, the staff.  We got set up, Asher wearing the smallest shoes they had, and the wooden ramp brought over to our lane.  I bowled for a couple of years when I was 12, and I still enjoy it.  Playing the Canadian version with the small balls and the 5 pins, Jasmine and I had a lot of fun watching Asher play for the first time.  He would pick up the ball, then Jas or I would pick him up so he could place it on the ramp.  He excitedly crashed the ball down, then stood leaning on the ramp as he watched the ball head towards it's destination.  Waiting until the pins had fallen he would then announce: "I did it!" clapping as he shouted.  Interestingly, Asher scored exactly 100 on his first trip to the bowling alley.

Jasmine is not usually competitive, but she seems to get very wrapped up in her score and how well she is doing when she bowls.  When she plays soccer or basketball she rarely worries about winning or losing, often needing to be redirected so she at least has some focus on the game.  At the bowling alley, maybe it's because your score is prominently displayed for all to see that gets her worked up.  It's too bad because I quite enjoy the game, and I'm sure Asher would love to go back.  We'll try again soon, and perhaps Jasmine will continue to improve her game, and her mood while she plays.

All in all, a great week and I enjoyed spending lots of time with Jasmine, Asher and Sheila.  I'm beaming with pride this morning as I took this little look at the lady my little girl is becoming.  I hope you enjoyed taking this look with me.

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