Monday, 12 January 2015

Asher Inspired Poetry


I am no poet,
But I love my son
I want the world to know it
Some of the things he has done
Make me burst with pride
Lucky man I am to be along for the ride.


Asher is 4 now
Sometimes I wonder how
One day a tiny crying ball of tears
Now a little man with very few fears
From stationary, to crawling, to walking,
Not to mention that you won't stop talking,
Thinking back makes be begin to cry
At the speed that time flies by.


We share so much,
We are best of friends,
I like it, so you like it,
You like it, so I like it,
Really, that is the way it should be,
So very attached are you and me.


Hockey, soccer, basketball,
Obsessed with sports you most certainly are,
My interests reflected no surprise there,
If you choose a different path
Support you will have
No need for math
Hockey player or astronaut,
Soccer dude or robot,
Your Mom and Dad will cheer you on,
You can count on that.


Your love of music makes me smile,
I put on "Hey Brother" and you'll dance a mile,
When you drop the lyrics to Weird Al,
It makes me laugh until I fall,
Your robot dance is a thing of beauty,
Wiggling your hips to Tove Lo even though she's a rudey,
Born Ruffians is a favorite for Jasmine, you and I,
You perk up in your car seat despite your lazy eye,
While going through our music collection time flies by,
Hanging out forever would be just fine, my oh my.


2014 was a pretty awesome year,
Lions game, Canadians game, hockey galore,
All memories with you that I hold dear,
2015 promises to hold so much more.

Hanging at Strong Start or swimming at the pool,
Everything you do with an element of cool,
You really appreciate the little things in life,
Spending time with you I forget all strife.

A baby, then a toddler, now a little man,
I count myself lucky to be your number one fan.
Your manners and compassion are something I desire,
Living your life with so much fire.

Money and possessions can come and go,
But you'll be by my side, that is so.
Jasmine loves you, and Mom loves you it's true I know,
But no one loves you more than me, I am willing to bet all my dough.