Monday, 4 March 2013

Weekend Update!

Good Morning to my family, and the other 3 readers of this blog!  It's Monday, and for me, that means happy Friday!    I always have my days off in the middle of the week, 3 of them in total.  That's one too many by my count, but the upside is the extra time I get to spend with the kids.  While I was working my regular shifts on the weekend I found some time to have fun as well. 

My little man was sick with a cold last week, runny nose and some dreadful hacking coughs, but he was getting over it towards the end of the week. So on Friday morning we went to Strong Start after skipping it on Wednesday.  He had fun as usual, quickly flitting from one activity to the next.  We made playdough cookies shaped like stars, then moved on to haphazardly decorate a cardboard barn, then on to the cardboard blocks that Asher stacked high and then tore down with fits of laughter all the while.  He had a funny little dispute while there.  He has grown really fond of "money" lately, particularly shiny money.  So, at one point he reached into his pocket and pulled out 2 pennies.  As he was staring at them, a little girl of almost 2 grabbed at them.  He didn't like that.  Asher hollered "No!  My money!" and slugged her.  Ughhh.  Luckily, she wasn't hurt and I shrugged my shoulders at her nanny while giving Asher trouble.  Asher is quite possessive of "stuff" at home and at Strong Start, but at circle time he is so very cute.  The teacher and the parents sing the little songs while the children do the dance moves to varying degrees of participation.  As we have been quite a few times now, Asher is starting to learn the moves and it is very cool to see.  I know I am getting old when I enjoy watching others having fun. 

After working Friday night, I had a notion that I would get up early Saturday morning and go to the pool.  Sheila laughed at me when I told her my plan as she knows that I am lucky to crawl out of bed on Saturday morning by 10.  For the fall and winter months I had Jasmine's basketball to coach, and it was all I could to get up and shower in time to get there for 11.  So, I told Sheila to wake me up when she gets up.  So, that didn't happen, but I did crawl out of bed at 8, got my stuff together and went to the pool.  10 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 5 minutes on the eliptical to cool down.  I was happy with my effort, and rewarded myself with some lounging time in the hot tub, steamroom and sauna.  I came home and Sheila's sister and brother-in-law had arrived.  They were dropping off my neice Cienna for an overnight stay while they celebrated their wedding anniversary at a local hotel.  We all had coffee and a nice visit, then I went outside for a snowball fight with Jasmine and Cienna.  I even got the joy of discovering that my pocket was full of snow 20 minutes after I had come inside. 

The weekend was rounded out with a trip to the Spruce Kings game Sunday afternoon.  It was my second game of the weekend, as I had taken one of the guys to the game Friday night at work.  Jasmine and Asher came with me to the game, and we met my friend Ed there.  Fun was had despite the poor effort from the Spruce Kings.  Jasmine declared that the Spruce Kings sucked again after being spanked 8-4.  She has been a hex for the team this year as any time her and Asher go to a game, the team stinks out the joint.  I finished off the weekend with some reading and exercise last night.  Normally, I am very lazy on Sunday and Monday and end up squeezing my workouts in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  It will be nice to have them more spread out this week, giving my body time to recover.

I will be back later today or later this week with a political peice I am working on, until then enjoy your day!


  1. I do plan on enjoying my day, up until the time I head to work.

    Then, Enjoyment will be gone but I'm still going to act a fool!

    1. Another weekend, and back to work for me. Don't forget to act a fool for this one too Serge!