Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy Birthday Sheila!

I probably shouldn't make a big deal about it, and I most definitely shouldn't and won't share my lady's age with you but Sheila has officially become one year older today.  Of all days, the date fell on a Friday, the day of the week that she leaves the house at 730 to go to work, and I don't see her until 1030 at night when I get off of work.  We will likely cuddle up to watch a movie tonight to celebrate, even though I have fallen asleep during each of the last 4 movies we have started together.

As Jasmine, Asher and I knew that we wouldn't have a chance to celebrate the special day with her as a group, we treated her last night.  When Sheila got home dinner was being finished, and Jasmine was hurriedly putting the finishing touches on her hand made card.  Asher made one too, but he has less interest in artistic things and took about half a minute to make his.  We scored points by getting an orchid as a gift, Jasmine remembered it was Sheila's favorite.  Also, tucked into her birthday card was a ticket to the Mariannas Trench and Down With Webster concert in April.  She only got 1 ticket, and I told Jasmine that mom was indeed going to have a relaxing time at the concert by herself.  The fact that the concery falls the week after Jasmine's birthday was not lost on her but I hope to keep her in the dark until her birthday anyway.

Sheila enjoyed her dinner and was happy to have pudding for dessert that Jasmine made.  I even remembered to pick up some gluten free snacks to have during the movie.  I hope Sheila was able to have a nice evening, and maybe the kids will go easy on her tonight for her "real birthday".

Sheila works so hard at her job, at home raising the kids and putting up with me that she deserves to kick back and relax on occasion.  We really are very lucky to have her in our life.  Happy Birthday Sheila!

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