Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm a page turning, movie viewing fool.

The first few weeks of 2013 have proven busy and exciting.  Asher had a wild birthday party where too much sugar collided with too many kids and created a whirlwind of action for a few hours that took days to recover from.

Jasmine and I have been to the College Heights rink twice already, the first time meeting up with he friend to skate, and the second time to play hockey with her 2 year old brother Asher.  He had fun for a short time, tip toeing all over the ice in his bob skates and even sliding the puck into the net with his over sized stick.  He got a new mini stick set for his birthday (Thanks Lisa!) and has been obsessed with "hoggie" ever since.  The trip to the outdoor rink only served to make him more crazy.  I'm happy though, it could be our ticket to getting him to love the outdoors again.

Jasmine, Asher and I went to the library this week before our pool visit.  Jasmine grabbed a picture book, a short novel from "her favorite horse series", then a novel about the Holocaust.  Shocked, I asked what the book was about.  She couldn't really tell me but then she told me that Miss Marples had been reading it in class.  While surprised, I was also impressed.  It seemed to be a book similar to Anne Frank`s Diary, and I look forward to asking her about it if she does indeed read it.

Hockey season is back in full force.  As I have chronicled in this space, it never really left for me with junior hockey to watch and my own team to play for.  I have gotten out of synch with my own team as my work schedule has caused me to miss a number of games recently.  When I do have a chance to go though, I have been doing quite well.  5 goals in my last 6 games thank you very much.  I will miss another game tomorrow, but it looks like I might be back at it most of the season after that.  The NHL is back tomorrow, with 5 games on national television.  I will do my best to not let work get in the way.  The Oilers get started Sunday in Vancouver and I am giddy with anticipation.  My hockey pool team will keep me busy sweating as I have 15 players from 15 different teams.  My PVR will be working overtime. 

I just finished reading my second book of 2013, an edited version of a George Orwell work called ``Fighting In Spain``  Full of wit and humour Orwell provides a curious account of his time participating in the Spanish Civil War.  He embraced the uniquely slow pace of combat in what was a major precursor to the Second World War and left me curious to check out the unedited version ``Homage To Catalonia``.  Having read his most well known works ``1984`` and ``Animal Farm`` I aim to read more of Orwell`s work in the future, it`s always really entertaining often in different ways.  The first book I read this year was the recently released ``Invisible Country: A Mystery`` by Annamaria Alfieri.  While I was not overwhelmed by the quality of this novel, I did enjoy the historical aspect of it.  Knowing nothing of the conflict that Paraguay went through in the mid-19th century, I enjoyed the opportunity to gain a basic understanding.  As the country suffers greatly it`s disillusioned dictator desperately attempts to hold onto power.  The mystery of the novel unravels slowly as the country crumbles.  In the end the novel comes to a fitting conclusion of the happy ending variety.

Those that know me will not be shocked to hear that I have been pretty busy watching movies to start 2013.  Sheila and I watched "End of Watch" last night, and it was great again.  Having seen it in the theatre helped me really appreciate the handheld camera style with which it was shot.  Hard hitting violence throughout the movie really leaves an impact on the viewer.  A few scenes are quite horrific, the kids taped up on the closet got Sheila gasping, as did the cage full of humans, but it was this gruesome bluntness that made this movie so good.  Two of my favorite actresses are part of the cast, (hello Anna and America!) so I wasn't going to miss a chance to see it again.  Last week at the theatre we went to "Silver Linings Playbook" at work.  Inventive, original and extremely well acted this movie was easily the best romantic comedy I had seen.  Usually the term romantic comedy is enough to ensure that the movie with lack anything funny, but this one was the opposite.  Normally Bradley Cooper's acting is like stale bread, but his role as an uncured patient who had escaped the mental hospital with help from his mom was so dynamic I was forgetting what actor I was watching.  He holds his own with Robert DeNiro who plays his father and engages him in some outrageous scenes, including a fight they have in the middle of the night, a 70 year old DeNiro in pajamas trading blows with Cooper's character.  See both of these movies, you won't regret either.

That's my time for today.  I need to get my workout in while Asher sleeps, then get the basement in order for some serious NHL viewing this week.  That reminds me, I need to call to confirm my free Centre Ice subscription for this year.

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