Monday, 24 February 2014

Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll

Hi there.  For those who have never met me this may come as some sort of revelation.  For everyone else, no shock should be induced.  I like poker.  I at times obsess about it.  The opportunity to play in a free tournament is always a good thing.  Even better when prizes are awarded.  I have been considering playing on this site for a while, but I have not had to the ability to deposit.  I am still not sure if I can play, as I am in Canada, and this site seems to be populated mostly by Americans.  At the very least, this will serve as a small promotional post for a poker site that is generously putting up significant prizes for a bunch of bloggers who love poker.  Please consider joining us on Wednesday at 5 pm pst, the site can be found at the link below.

Check out Poker Meister's blog for more info.  Located here.

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