Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Just Me and My Son

We have had a fun morning here in the man cave.  Asher had fallen asleep again while watching teetee so when I rolled out of bed it was deathly quiet in the house.  The little man woke shortly after and we have been busy ever since. 

Asher brought out the deck of cards first and proceeded to continuation bet on a flop of ace, queen, jack.  I called with my ace ten.  He bet again on the turn and river, while I made both calls without improving my hand.  He flipped over his cards one and at time, happily announcing that they both had a match: the nine that had hit the turn, and the seven that had hit the river.  He is 2 and a half.

Next, Asher pretended to be a "moncur" while I attempted to hide under a couple of blankets.  It's not every day that a growling, scary lizard gets spooked by the dark, but this little guy did.  After he found me under the blankets, he immediately had to go as the windows were all closed up.  He is 2 and a half.

Asher climbed on top of the eliptical machine, and while he can't make it go with his feet, he is strong enough to move the arms and turn the wheels.  He called over to me for help with counting as he completed 10 reps.  Asher is 2 and a half.

After we took a break to get dressed and watch the garbage truck come by, it was time for breakfast.  I poured a bowl of golden grahams and grabbed a glass of water.  I came back downstairs, and he followed a minute later with a chocolate pop tart.  No offer to share his find, he was more than willing to alternate bites of cereal with me while also eating the whole confection.  He is 2 and a half.

I received a series of high fives and low fives topped off with a kiss before Asher spotted me for a set of reverse dumbbell flys.  He was also kind enough to count my reps for me, only skipping the numbers 5 and 8 on our way to 10.  Asher is indeed 2 and a half.

We have managed to squeeze in a little basement baseball too despite being so busy this morning.  At one point he called to me to take a picture.  He had put on my weight lifting gloves and had 1 leg resting on the weight bench with a tooth filled smile plastered on his face.  What can I say?  I've had  a great morning with my Asher.  He is 2 and a half.

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