Sunday, 12 February 2012

Little Asher Man

When we were in the process of getting ready for Sheila's return to work, I will have to admit, I was scared.  This meant that I would be the exclusive caregiver for Asher from 730 am until 500 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  A daunting task I thought, as Asher seemed to be in constant need of being entertained.  He didn't play much with his toys or distract himself with things he found around the house.  He wanted to be picked up, he wanted to be cuddled, he wanted to be loved, all things that I could give him. 

As it turns out, Asher is pretty fond of dear old daddy.  He loves to cuddle up on my chest to take his naps, and I get to attempt to slide out from under him without him waking so that I can get a few things done while he snoozes.  He goes to daycare twice a week and he is beginning to learn how to entertain himself.  He finds his favorite toys and plays, often distracting himself for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.  After a couple of months we have fallen into a pretty nice routine.  It has been getting easier for me to crawl out of bed in time to get Jasmine to school for 830.  Then Asher and I get to spend some quality father and son time together.  We go to the grocery store on Wednesday morning and slowly browse the aisles.  We have walked over to pick Jasmine up from school a few times, though Asher isn't a big fan of his sled.  Jasmine, Asher and I go to the swimming pool on Wednesday afternoon.  He loves goofing off in the water, always with a huge smile on his face. 

One of the cutest things Asher does is plant kisses on his mom, dad or sister when asked.  If I say "Asher kiss", he will smile widely, then run over and smack is mouth into mine, usually with his mouth opened wide, so he ends up sucking on your lip.  He gives the kiss as if he is trying to headbutt the recipient, with lots of force behind it.  We have also had a lot of fun with him and his hockey sticks and his soccer ball.  Whenever he sees his sticks laying about he runs over and picks them both up.  At first he had little interest in the hitting the ball with them, prefer to smash at the tv or to hit one of us when we weren't paying attention.  Now he has learned how much he can have smacking the ball around the rec room, even playing pass with one of us for a few minutes.  Asher also likes to play soccer with dad or his uncle, running across the room with the ball bouncing off his knees.  The regulation size 5 ball is as tall as his knee and it is quite a sight seeing a giggling little boy running behind the ball.  As I finish this up I am off to look at a jogging stroller, hopefully its a go so that Asher and I can spend some time on our days off out in the fresh(ish) air getting some exercise. 

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