Monday, 2 January 2012

#1 The Birth of Asher Felix Prosk

The day my son was born, the sky was clouded, the air quality was as offputting as it normally is, and my lady and I were extremely sleep deprieved.  The eleventh day of January was actually ten days later then the doctor told us he was to arrive.  My sisters, my brother and my parents had spent the entire Christmas holidays at our house waiting for the little guy or girl to arrive.  Unfortunately when the time came for the baby to come, everyone had returned home to go back to work.  Luckily, my mom was able to find a replacement at work and she drove up to spend the day with us.  Sheila's cousin Daphne joined us at the hospital in the morning and my mom arrived from Quesnel shortly after.  We spent the day travelling back and forth between home and the hospital, labour had been induced early in the morning but the baby was stubborn, not wanting to arrive on anyone else's time but it's own.

I don't remember many details of the day, but come the later evening things were moving along.  We had something to eat in the dingy cafeteria downstairs, loosely referred to as "Tim Hortons".  We headed back upstairs where we were moved to a birthing room, the first major sign of movement towards the actual event.  Sheila started grunting and screeching, trying to manage the pain that inevitably comes with this joyous event.  Sparing the gory details, at 11:18 PM our little man came out of his hiding place after being assisted by the Doctor's suction cup device.  The timing was close to a very odd phenomenon as Asher entered the world at 11:18 on the 11th day of the 1st month of the 11th year of the 2000s.  Without hesitation this was one of the first things my very nerdy father mentioned when he got the news shortly after.  If he hadn't inherited the giant melon of the Prosk clan, he just might have come 7 minutes earlier. 

Sheila and I had agreed, we didn't want to know what the gender of the baby was ahead of time.  We had the ultrasounds to ensure the health of the baby, but it made sense to us that we should wait to find out any other details.  We were going to love the baby unconditionally.  Jasmine if I recall was hoping for a little sister, but with the way she has responded to her little brother, any disappointment she felt was only momentary.  We had picked out a few names ahead of time, but the only thing we had decided without a doubt was that a baby boy would be named Asher.  Asher has roots in the bible, though it really wasn't for that reason that I was so drawn to it.  It strikes me as a classic name, but it doesn't have the traditional overuse that comes with other simple names.  Neither of us were looking to "create a name", so we were both pleased when we came across a short name that we thought was not in heavy use.  As it turns out, there will many Ashers in the world soon as the name has been used extensively this year throughout North America.  The name suits our little guy perfectly, he was an Asher from the minute we laid eyes on him.  His middle name was one that kept coming back to me.  Felix is latin for "happy" or "lucky", and Asher Felix Prosk is exactly that, he is always happy, and we are lucky to have him.

Without a doubt, we have been blessed with an amazing little guy.  He laughs constantly, he smiles readily whenever he sees a favourite family member be it Mom, Dad, his sister, his Uncle or his other family members.  He likes driving us crazy, never letting anyone have fun without him.  He suffers at night, as he is unable to sleep consistently, but these are about the only times he ever cries with conviction.  He already has developed some hobbies, seeking out any electronic device that he may hide or damage.  He likes to build forts with his sister out of pillows and blankets, though he usually causes some sister angering damage before too long.  He loves going swimming, we have consistently taken him to the pool since he was 3 weeks old.  He has attended hockey games, local teams, as well as a few games involving his Dad and Uncle's team.  He loves taking naps on his Dad's chest, leaving a sweaty spot wherever his head comes to rest.  He really has been an incredible addition to our family, one that keeps Mom and Dad and sister at our best.  I love everything about you Asher Felix Prosk

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